Bali Digital Nomad visa lures tech-savvy Bali lovers

Bali is back, but this time, it’s with a twist. Rather than focusing on the traditional three S’s (surf, sun and sand), Indonesia’s Digital Nomad Visa is hoping to attract a different type of crowd. Focusing on Serenity, Spirituality and Sustainability.

There is a method to the announcement. The focus is on the tech-savvy, environmentally conscious Digital Nomads. Subsequently, the hope is that they will bring in the big dollars. Fly-in, Fly-out workers from Australia’s mining industry, are no longer the flavour of the month. Renowned for working hard and playing even harder.

Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno announced that the new focus and removal of Covid 19 restrictions should boost tourism. Indonesia’s response to Covid was one of the toughest in the world, only recently removing restrictions. Therefore the strict response to Covid has heavily affected the local economy. Since the removal of Covid restrictions, visitors have increased over 500% to 111,000 in April 2022.

What are the benefits?

Hoping to lure the cashed-up Digital Nomads, Indonesia has offered a five-year visa. Music to the ears of Nomads who have struggled with visas to stay in the island paradise. Currently, the only visa options available have been the 30-day Tourist visa, VoA (Visa on arrival) 30 days and a 180 Day Working Visa. Sanidaga said he hoped the new Digital Nomad Visa would create one million new jobs for Indonesians.

Another benefit to Digital Nomads is tax exemption. The visa offers zero tax liability to those that take advantage of it.

The Details of Indonesia’s Digital Nomad Visa

Don’t get too excited just yet. The details of the new visa program are unknown. Subsequently, the rollout date for Indonesia’s Digital Nomad Visa is a mystery. Further information about the visa is expected later in the year. There is no clarity on how much income a nomad must earn to qualify. Often the devil is in the detail.

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