How do you get your Dominican Citizenship with ease? I’m afraid this one is for those with a bit of spare cash, but several countries allow you to buy citizenship. One of the cheapest is Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic), a tiny island nation in the Caribbean.

Dominica is famed for its pristine, natural beauty, jungles virtually untouched, beaches warm and plentiful, and its citizenship is up for sale.

The cost is $100K US for an individual or $105K for a family. Yes, that link goes to a commercial firm that offers “assistance” for this service, but the process is entirely legal and relatively well known. Simply searching for Dominica Naturalization and Citizenship Act will generate plenty of hits for you to research.

The capital of Dominica, Roseau, has fewer than 15,000 people, compared to less than 75,000 for the entire country. The Dominica per capita GDP is a little over $10,000, though I’ve had trouble finding reliable figures for the median income (it appears to be around $5,000 per year). If you don’t mind poverty, being in the middle of nowhere, and gorgeous natural scenery, Dominica offers you that second passport.

For a more human touch, here’s an interesting blog on an American who moved to Dominica and subsequently left. Note that the author is pretty upset with the Dominican government and has no plans to return there.