The below article is now out of date. The Government in Thailand reviewed and changed the requirements from the 9th of January 2023, due to pressure from tourist operators and travellers who refused to accomodate the new requirements. There are currently no requirements to enter Thailand.

Entry requirements for Thailand in 2023 have changed due to Chinese travellers expected arrive from the 8th of January. Now travellers are expected to be vaccinated at least twice before arriving.

Other requirements are that travellers that come from countries that require PCR or ATK tests within 48 hours of arriving. Travellers will be required to hold health insurance policies before arrival. This is to ensure that travels can afford the health requirements involved with a positive diagnosis.

The requirements for non-vaccinated travellers is unknown at this point. Entry requirements for Thailand in 2023 is proving to be very dynamic and extremely disappointing for many travellers.

Changing the entry requirements for Thailand in 2023 is going to add barriers to entry and will severely affect the Thai economy, as many will avoid the added complexity of traveling with so many requirements.

Other countries have put restrictions and requirements changes only for Chinese travellers, while Thailand has updated its entry requirements for all travellers in 2023, much to the frustration of many.

This may prove to be extremely damaging to Thailands reputation as a holiday destination. Previous restrictions severely damaged Thailand tourism industry over the previous few years. Just as the industry was picking up, the new measures will dampen the growth of tourism.