Over the past week, Israel held Financial Collapse War Games in Jerusalem. Get ready for the war games to turn real. As we always see with these types of “War Games”, what they “Game” today, we see happen tomorrow. This will probably be no different.

The economy is already quite fragile after two years of a pandemic. The cracks are starting to emerge with supply chain shortages and inflation are just two indicators of something nasty brewing in the global economy.

The scenery is that some bad actors have hacked strategic elements of the global financial system. They are ten steps ahead of everyone else and before we know it the whole financial system collapses. Well, nothing new here.

The only problem is that if you intend on hacking a network, you need physical access to a network 99.9% of the time, in order to bring it down. This is all starting to sound too convenient. How do you protect yourself from this sort of financial takedown?

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