The Great Reset is on a lot of people’s minds. Charles Schwab’s now infamous words, “By the year 2030, you will own nothing and never be happier”, set the internet ablaze with speculation about what he meant. Those of us who have grown cautious about these types of declarations by the elite. After the problematic previous couple of years, we’re all hypervigilant after hearing that the global power players have been musing about how a “post-capitalist” world looks.

Navigating this reset and maintaining the wealth that we have worked so hard to obtain is forefront and centre for the astute. The good news is that there are a number of strategies and products available to help maintain your wealth during these times. Banks at this time are offering little in the way of interest, taxes are increasing as governments look to secure income to enable socialist policies. Central banks are offering negative interest rates for deposits. Tranfering money between duristictions are becoming increasingly expensive, while currencies are more unstable than ever. Crypto currencies are also difficult to navigate as some coins investment look more like gambling than investment.

Banks that allow you to open accounts in various duristictions. The acquiring of