Learn Spanish the easy way

You could learn Spanish by just learning 138 words? Marcus Santamaria has developed a course for learning Spanish that does just that. Many people get extremely frustrated with learning languages. The older you get, the harder it is to learn new languages. This course is practical for all ages. Therefore, if you’ve never learnt a foreign language before, this course is for you.

The key to learning Spanish

Key to learning a language is to not only learn the words but also put the words into meaningful phrases. So, without the ability to execute your new vocabulary by putting it into phrases, your Spanish will never truly be effective. You will never be able to communicate effectively without putting those words into a meaningful sentence. Synergy Spanish does just that.

88,000 phrases

The ingenious of the Synergy Spanish technique is that just 138 words can be put into 88,000 phrases with relative ease. Imagine picking up a new language in a couple of weeks. Being able to communicate with more people. Visiting Spanish-speaking countries and ordering your meal in the native tongue, like a true local.

Most languages don’t use a lot of words. There may be thousands of words in the dictionary, but less than 100 words are used on a daily basis, regardless of the context. So, becoming proficient in any language is really not that difficult.

The Pros

  • The course is innovative with tried and proven results.
  • For those that are not tech-savvy, there is an option to get CDs and booklet.
  • You start speaking Spanish from day one.
  • The content builds upon itself.

The Cons

  • It has been described as old and out of date.
  • It is not the cheapest option for learning Spanish.


Synergy Light costs $67 and includes the audio lessons.
The Video costs $97 and adds in video lessons and email coaching.
Video + CDs costs $145 and adds in CDs and printed out pdf.

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