The Thailand Pass, what is required?

The good new is that the Thailand Pass has been removed as of the 1st of July, 2022. There are no requirements to obtain approval to enter the kingdom of Thailand. Even though there is no requirement to get a Thai Pass before arriving, there are requirements for when you arrive

Thailand Pass is gone, but what is required on arrival?

On arrival, you will be required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR or RAT test, taken within 72 of arrival. This is not a major inconvenience as it should take just a few minutes within 72 hour of leaving. The tests are required to be taken professionally with a certified printout or digital proof of the test result.

Further good news

Those experienced with coming to Thailand will know the TM6 Form. The form is an immigration form required for your stay in Thailand. TM6 forms are filled in on the plane before landing and signed off on at immigration. They are required to be kept in the passport and should not be lost, as the are required by immigration.

The good news is, come July 1st, they are no long required. It is one more annoying piece of paperwork that as been done away with. Thailand is actively trying to remove the barriers to entry to entice tourists back.

What is happening in Thailand now?

Everything is getting back to normal albeit in a slow and steady fashion. Hotels, Bar, Restaurants are all starting to open up again. It will take Thailand some time to get back up to speed with, but it is well on the way. The great news is, everything is still cheap. Accomodation is down to about 60% of pre covid prices, so there are great bargains to be had.

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