Now it the time to relocate, because the future is uncertain.

We’re in an interesting time in history with geopolitical pressure points in various locations around the world, inflation on the rise, travel restrictions and supply chain shortages. The conflict in Ukraine with Russia has the potential to erupt into a regional war, the likes of which have not been seen since the end of World War Two. Inflation in the US, Europe and Asia is on the rise, something that has not been seen in decades. To top it all off, supply chain shortages are causing major problems in economies, resulting in the distortion of prices.

This is a perfect storm of calamities, making relocating that much harder.

With the perfect storm of calamities making relocating that much harder, choosing the right location to relocate to is as important as ever. People will try to incorporate all sorts of things into their relocation plan. People take into consideration everything from geopolitical defence agreements to

Inflation is on the rise

Inflation is on the rise around the world. With many developed economies performing fiscal augmention (adding money to the M1 money supply) are experiencing inflation. With reduced buying power, the middle and lower class experiencing significant diffulities, protests and riots are common place. On the 6th of April 2022, Greece experienced such strikes and protests due to stress relating to poor wage growth and strong inflation. These types of civil unrest are common place in many countries with pressure on governments to find lasting solutions. During times of social and civil upheaval, it is important that expat communities are aware that scape-goating poses a real threat to personal safety is immigrant are perceived at part of the problem.

Supply chain issues

Supply chain issues are putting stresses on everything from food to consumer electronics. Everyone has experienced issues stemming from supply chain shortages at some point on the previous months. These difficulties are expected to increase for the foreseeable future. Countries who are particularly vulnerable to shortages are expected to face the brunt of the supply chain issues. Time is running out to relocate to countries who have reduced exposure to supply chain issues. Once these supply chain issues get into full swing, it will be increasingly difficult to make the transition to new locations.

Locations that are accomodating

Finding locations that are accommodating for those wanting to relocate is important. More accommodating locations are those what have good infrastruction, such as roads, ports and airports is importatant. Other factors include distance from farm to table. Getting access to farmers markets and local farms is particularly import during this time.

Another factor is the climate. If it is at all possible, you will want to be in a climate that is conducive to growing food all year. Climates that suffer severe winters will find shortages during the winter months. Tropical climates that provide good growing conditions all year round with lots of access to fresh water is important to keep in mind.