Why should you consider having an escape route?

Why should you consider having an escape route? I try to stay in the middle of the road rather than indulge in fanciful “what if’s”. But a topic that constantly comes up is: What is the best place to go if the world economy collapses? What’s the safest place to live in a global police state emerges? Or where should I go in the event of a thermonuclear war? Or some other global catastrophe. Not wanting to sound alarmist or like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but the questions have to be broached, particularly given recent events.

Is it being eccentric?

“Bugging out” and taking the “safest way” is all the talk at the moment. The Web site, Escape From America always publishes articles about, “the coming economic collapse” and “how to prepare yourself.” Quite frankly it is the same old thing, “getting off the Grid”, buying land in a remote place, growing your food.  Other topics go all the way down the rabbit hole, including covering your digital footprints. As Neil Strauss said when he was writing his book “Emergency”, it is a subculture with some quirks.

As a child, I remember a strange gentleman trying to sell my mother a bomb shelter for the backyard, in the eighties. Well thirty years on, and we’re all still here. I’m glad we never bought one. Just like the bomb shelter salesman, some content creators on the web are pushing all sorts of products, playing on peoples fears.

Are there genuine relocation experts?

Some writers take a more tactful and gentler approach when they write on such topics in contrast to the approach of the shock jocks and sensationalists. Unfortunately, because of the sensational nature of these topics, they lend themselves to all being tarred with the same brush (being treated with contempt and ire).

Despite the confronting nature of the topics, some credible researchers and professionals understand the issues at hand with clarity and candour. One such researcher is Joel Skousen from the world affairs brief https://worldaffairsbrief.com. Joel is a well-respected authority on these issues and one well worth familiarizing yourself with.

The issues that Joel and other authors are currently addressing are the rise and threat of China to world stability. The rise of the health care technocracy because of the measures that governments around the world have enacted in reaction to Covid 19. And the ever-increasing surveillance powers in the wake of the 911 attack on the United States.

Maybe it’s not so crazy after all.

Citing many of these topics, the internet is abuzz with speculation as to where to go, and how to get there. Particularly with the Travel Restrictions imposed on Australians and the mandatory Covid 19 vaccines. One of the popular locations people like to talk about is South America. One of the most popular methods of getting there is by sailing a boat. I haven’t sailed in many years and the thought of trekking thousands of kilometres over the open ocean frightens me. I prefer something a little less extreme.

You have to be where you feel most comfortable. If that is overseas then do your best to get there. Remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side, but the view can be utterly amazing.